Terms of use

Terms of Use affect your legal rights and obligations while using the Ente Madrasa Website and its services.

Welcome to the Ente Madrasa. The following are the terms of use that apply when you become a client or affiliate. We recommend you to read carefully all terms of use. You signify the agreement as soon as you use our website or redirect any other user to us.

User limitations

Ente Madrasa legally bound you to the following use restrictions and conduct limitations. You cannot

  • Post any abusive, threatening, obscene, religiously offensive or ethnically violent material.
  • Use the Ente Madrasa website or affiliate subdomains for unlawful or promotional purposes.
  • Cause interruptions in the usual website working fashion.
  • Try to hack another user’s identity or device while using this website.
  • Use our website for any purpose such as gambling, pornography, etc. that are against the teachings of Islam.
  • Attempt to harass or harm another person or user.

Online content disclaimer

Any personal opinion, information, offers, and such data available on the website is not the company’s guarantee. The authors of that information are solely responsible for the data. The company is not accountable for any statement’s accuracy, effectiveness, or usefulness. Moreover, the organization is not answerable for any kind of information present on the website. Under no circumstances, the company will be responsible for any loss or damage caused by relying on the website’s information or other data.

Links to other websites

Links present on our website are just courtesy to our visitors. The company does not monitor these third-party content, sites, software or applications. Any promotions, materials, goods, or services are not investigated by the Ente Madrasa. Third-party services or content does not imply approval or endorsement thereof by the company. So, if you decide to leave the company’s website and intend to install third-party software or use content, you do so at your own risk. We recommend you review the respective website’s rules of regulations, policies, and terms of service.

Intellectual property disclaimer

Through this agreement, all users acknowledge that we and our licensors hold rights of all kinds of content on this website. This may include copyrights, trademark, and other property rights. Moreover, the names of other websites or services mentioned on the website may be trademarks of their respective owners. We reserve all rights that are not expressly granted to you under this agreement.

Warranty disclaimer

This website and its related services are available on the as-is and as available basis. Also, the company is not responsible for any kind of warranties of satisfactory quality, merchantability, suitability for a certain purpose, infringement, or the consequences arising from course of dealing or usage. Ente Madrasa is not accountable for the accuracy, usability, completeness, or reliability of the data on this website or induced by the performance of the website, software, platform or application related to entemadrasa.com. Moreover, Ente Madrasa does not guarantee any kind of uninterrupted services, website functioning or software excellence in any location or at any time. The company does not claim its services, software, content, or website is free from viruses or other harmful malware.

Change of terms of use

Ente Madrasa reserves all rights to amend these terms of use at any time. We will update our users in case we update or change terms of use. It is solely the user’s responsibility to check time-to-time our terms of use. if you will continue using our website you will automatically signify for the amendments. However, we will notify you in the event of any change in terms of services. Any changes to the TOUs and waivers of the company shall not be valid with the physical signature of the company’s officer. Moreover, any waiver or modification via telephone or email by the company shall not be valid.